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A research group dedicated to the advancement of knowledge in electromagnetic theory and its applications.

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Empowered with their solid academic background, two faculty members of the Communications and Networks Engineering Department at the College of Engineering took the commitment to produce high quality electromagnetics research based on the available facilities on the premises of PSU. Supported by one seed project from the college of engineering, those two members produced their first output in the field of wireless power transfer represented by few journal and conference papers and one patent submitted to the US patent office. Based on this success, it became necessary to establish a formal framework to facilitate the progress of this research and to promote for national and
international collaborations.

The Electromagnetics Research group (EMG) is established to conduct fruitful research, generally in the field of electromagnetics, and specifically in the field of electromagnetic modelling of sustainable systems; such as modelling of electric vehicles wireless chargers, mobile devices wireless chargers and remotely charged drones. The research focus of this group is on the analysis and design of antenna systems and waveguiding technologies suitable for building sustainable systems such as those explained above.

EMG Group

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