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Symposium: Recent Advances in Earth and Planetary Space Exploration

Students and faculty are cordially invited to attend the Symposium: Recent advances in earth and planetary space exploration, organized by College of Engineering and presented by Dr. Charles Elachi, Professor of Electrical Engineering and Planetary Science at the California Institute of Technology. 

The presentation will be hosted by PSU, both on Campus and on PSU YouTube channel.


The invited speaker in this talk is really exceptional. Dr. Charles Elachi, a former director of NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratories in Pasadena California. He served as a director at JPL from 2001 till 2016. Kindly find all the details on his wikipedia page. Dr. Elachi appears in numerous videos on YouTube, for example: Dr. Elachi, has expertise in Electromagnetics, microwave imaging, remote sensing and radar. This is delightful to us as members of the Electromagnetics research group.