CME 441 and CME 442 students go on a field trip to Riyadh TV Tower

The visit aimed to provide the students with an opportunity to familiarize themselves with the work environment of the Radio and Television Authority, especially the studios in which the audio-visual content of all programs broadcast in the name of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are prepared. At the beginning of the visit, representatives of the […]

Symposium: Recent Advances in Earth and Planetary Space Exploration

Students and faculty are cordially invited to attend the Symposium: Recent advances in earth and planetary space exploration, organized by College of Engineering and presented by Dr. Charles Elachi, Professor of Electrical Engineering and Planetary Science at the California Institute of Technology.  The presentation will be hosted by PSU, both on Campus and on PSU […]

Radiation and Scattering from Bodies Coated with Metamaterials by GPU: Electromagnetic Forward and Inverse Scattering Problems by Graphical Processing Unit:

The electromagnetic scattering from bodies coated with metamaterials by using Finite Difference Frequency-Domain (FDFD). A formulation for the FDFD method is presented. A hybrid technique from FDFD and Particle Swarm Optimization technique (PSO) is used to reconstruct both the shape and the relative permittivity of a homogenous dielectric cylinder. The dielectric constants of materials in […]